World Children’s Day

Here at Fiord Clothing we believe that every everybody deserves a chance, especially children. That’s why we support World Children’s Day. UNICEF offer children all around the world access to clean water, nutrient food and education, we think this is amazing and want to help contribute to the global awareness. In places such as East Africa war and lack of food means millions of children face starvation. Help us to try and make a change, to support the children around the world who need our help.


Wednesday 20th November 2019


Welcome to 2019, we have some exciting activities and events which we would like to bring to our community this year. Here at Fiord Clothing we want to contribute to a much deserving cause. Our founder Tyler Shannon feels inspired by the incredible humanitarian support UNICEF bring to the millions of children around the globe. We need your help to make a change. More details will be available very soon as we are currently in contact with UNICEF United Kingdom. We are updating our website constantly so come back soon.

In the mean time we do encourage everyone to donate: Click here to Donate!